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Affordable, high quality Small Business Website Design

The Holt Partnership are a leading Website Design firm based out of Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire. Our client base is wide and varied and covers most of the UK and beyond. We also specialise in various vertical markets and have built up a strong client base with Accountant Firms, to name but one.


Our speciality is offering affordable Website Design to small and medium sized businesses. In doing so, we hope to deliver Websites that surpass expectations and something that our clients can be proud of. We are very much seen as an innovative company and one that has brought a refreshingly new approach to Web Design. You could say (please click links for more details);


With clients demanding much more sophistication for their money and for less, there has been a significant shift over the last two years towards ready-made Web Applications and Websites. Many respected observers believe this is now the future of modern day Web Design and it is something we are delighted to be at the forefront of. We believe, Custom Web Design services should only be offered after all other cheaper avenues of development have been exhausted and the preverbial wheel has to be reinvented. Reducing your development costs is always high on our agenda.

We don't believe in trying to fit square pegs into round holes. Some clients, although they can appreciate the benefits of having a "fuller" Website, want no more than a simple Brochure Website. Something to give them a web presence and their own Domain Name. This is the reason why our WebStarter service came into existance.


Then you have clients where budget is a real issue or they are not sure if a Website is for them. But they do appreciate the benefits of a "fuller" Website and the need to describe their business and services / products in more detail. This is why our Web Builder service came into existence. For a monthly fee of £20, they have everything they need to create an informative Website without having to worry about additional costs for additional pages.


And for our top end Web Design services, clients can chose either, our Premium Customised Website Template, Custom Web Design or WordPress Developer services. If a client has no specific design criteria or an emotional need to have a Custom Built Website, then we will always recomend our much cheaper Customised Website Template or WordPress Developer services, in the first instance. Although less money for us, it is a better deal for our clients. We guess that makes us an ethical company?

We don't have big expensive offices or lots of hungry mouths to feed and is why our services are, incredibly, cheap. With us, you will be paying, purely, for the work done. This is why many of our competitors are unable to compete with us. Typically, we are 200% - 400% cheaper. We guess they do have many hungry mouths to feed!

Developing Websites is a surprisingly simple business. It is all done on computers via the Internet. It hasn't any boundaries and there is no extra effort (or drawbacks) involved when developing a new Website for a client only a "stones throw away", compared to a client based in another part of the World.


Onsite meetings are seldom required. Instead, we prefer a series of shorter, more focussed and less time consuming, telephone or Webcam meetings. This is better for our clients and allows them to manage their resouces much more effectively. Unforseen circumstances do happen and when a client has to cancel a telephone meeting, it is much less of an inconvenience (for both parties) compared to canceling an onsite meeting.

We take a lot of pride in the Websites we design and the advice we give clients to help their Website become a success.


  • We take time helping clients appreciate the importance of understanding what type of people will be visiting their Website and how best to address their requirements.
  • We take great enjoyment helping clients to write compelling copywrite. We do this knowing it will have a big impact on their Website's success and for helping to turn visitors into clients.
  • We will always look at the best way to display information by using the most up-to-date design techniques, even though it may mean more work for us but no additional cost to you.
  • We closely review everything you send back to us for inclusion in your Website by viewing your proposed content through the eyes of your Website visitors. This is something our clients appreciate very much, since, sometimes it can be difficult to see the wood from the trees.
  • We know that your success is also our success and is the key reason why we will do evertything within our power to help make your Website a big success.

We know what you may be thinking! Mission Statement. Bit pretentious isn't it? You could be right! But it does give us the opportunity to tell you, in a nutshell, what we are all about and what we bring to the table.


So we thought we would deliver our Mission Statement differently, try and make it more interesting, give it a little edge, and make it more enjoyable. And what have we got; an animated Mission Statement, put to music. At least it's different, if nothing else? Why not check it out? Runs for approximately 50 seconds. Please remember to turn on your speakers.


Mission Statement


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As a new small business, We were looking for an affordable website solution that we could add to and grow, as and when we were ready.


The Holt Partnership was the perfect option. Very affordable, Professional and helpful.

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