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Hi and thank you for taking the time to visit my profile page. I am the Founder Director of The Holt Partnership. In my early years, I spent many years as an Accountant, working in both Practice and Business. I decided to use my experience in Accountancy and moved into negotiation based sales by selling mid-range Business Accounting and Distribution Systems to small business, before moving into selling multi-pound Reconciliation Systems to the Investment Banking sector. After a successful sales career, I decided it was about time to take the "ultimate" jump and form my own business by offering Web Design services to small businesses. With the extensive experience gained in sales, I feel I bring much more to the table than your archetypal Web Designer / Techie. Successful websites are not about coding. That's the easy part. It is about helping a client to understand what a Website really is really about, then creating and delivering a solution to meet the objectives of the business.

What is a Mobile friendly Website?

Mobile friendly WebsitesDo you know if your Website is mobile friendly? Have you heard conflicting opinions? Are you feeling the pressure to do something? If so, do you really need to change your Website? With the stampede towards Mobile friendly websites, many Website owners could, needlessly, be investing in a new Website when their existing site was perfectly fine.

12 Steps for attracting more visitors to your Website

Attractinh more visitors to your websiteDo you have a new website and want it to be successful? Do you want as many people as possible to visit? Or have you a poorly performing site that no-one is visiting? If so, this article will describe twelve steps you can take to help attract more visitors to your website, leading to more success and sales. Although it is not "rocket science", experience tells us, many businesses fail to implement even the simplest of steps to give their website every chance to succeed.

How long do people stay on a website?

How long do visitors stay on a websiteAre you worried about how long people are staying on your website? In fact, do you know how long they are staying, at all? If so, then this article will give you an idea of the average amount of time most people spend on a website and what factors you need to be aware of. The results are based on website statistics, compiled from over 300 small business websites.

Internet Explorer (IE) 10 only styles

ie10_logoWith the release of IE10, Microsoft are no longer supporting conditional comments. Although this is a good step, there will still be instances when you will want to create an IE 10 only style. This article will explain what you have to do, to make your web page display properly in IE10. The code has been taken from the Rogie website and simplified for the less technical.