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Hi and thank you for taking the time to visit my profile page. I am the Founder Director of The Holt Partnership. In my early years, I spent many years as an Accountant, working in both Practice and Business. I decided to use my experience in Accountancy and moved into negotiation based sales by selling mid-range Business Accounting and Distribution Systems to small business, before moving into selling multi-pound Reconciliation Systems to the Investment Banking sector. After a successful sales career, I decided it was about time to take the "ultimate" jump and form my own business by offering Web Design services to small businesses. With the extensive experience gained in sales, I feel I bring much more to the table than your archetypal Web Designer / Techie. Successful websites are not about coding. That's the easy part. It is about helping a client to understand what a Website really is really about, then creating and delivering a solution to meet the objectives of the business.

Why have a Website? The benefits / advantages.

Why have a website and the benefits of owning a WebsiteThis article will be of benefit if you are considering owning your first Website of if you currently have a Website that is proving a little disappointing. We will attempt to give a balanced viewpoint why we, as Web Designers, feel it is important for business to understand the real advantages / benefits of owning a Website. Ultimately, it could save you a lot of wasted time and money. A fact you may already be well aware of.

8 Tips on how to build a Website

How to build a websiteIf you are thinking of buying your first Website or building your own and have been browsing the Internet looking at all the options, then you may already be a bit confused by now. The following pages, therefore, offer some advice that, hopefully, will take some of the mystery out of buying or how to build a Website.

5 Tips on how to design a good Homepage

How to design a good HomepageThere are no hard and fast rules about designing or developing a good Homepage and it really depends on the number of pages your Website has. However, since your Homepage is the first page most visitors will see when visiting your Website, it is one of the most important. If they can't find what they are looking for or are unimpressed with the Homepage content, then it is unlikely they will visit any of your other Web pages.