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13 Types of visitor visiting your Website

5 types of website visitorUnfortunately, many small business websites are doomed to failure even before the first line of code is written. Successful websites are not about clever code or the expertise of "Techies". Instead, it is about writing good content to meet the requirements of your website visitors.

However, before you can write good content, you, first of all, have to identify (not literally) what type of people are visiting your website. By this we mean; what type of informational requirements they will have. The good news is; it is not rocket science and is something you can easily do yourself with a little guidance and a few thought ideas.

How to write compelling website content / copywrite

How to write compelling Website content / CopywriteUltimately, the success of your Website will depend on the quality of your written content and it's ability to turn visitors into clients. It is not easy and can take many attempts to try and get it right. To help you get started, below, are 9 key points that need to be considered when writing website content / copy, and help turn visitors into clients. Why work hard to attract visitors, only to see them leave your Website without bothering to take a proper look?