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10 Common faults with most websites

10 Common Website FaultsDo you think you are getting the most out of your Website? Have you developed it yourself and wondering if there is anything you have missed? Is your Website a success or has it proved a big disappointment? Do you want to learn how to take some simple steps on how to improve your Website and make it more of a pro-active, every day business tool? If so, the following points should give you a good idea if you are on the right track or if there are any immediate fixes you have to make to your Website.

Google Mobile Update – should you worry?

Google Mobile Phone Update 2015Will your website be affected by the recent Google Mobile update? Are you feeling the pressure to do something? Have you been told you will have to change your website to comply? If so, then, most likely, you may be a little confused and wondering where is the best place to go for some advice. This article hopes to remove the confusion and help you make the right decision about what do do next.

What is a Mobile friendly Website?

Mobile friendly WebsitesDo you know if your Website is mobile friendly? Have you heard conflicting opinions? Are you feeling the pressure to do something? If so, do you really need to change your Website? With the stampede towards Mobile friendly websites, many Website owners could, needlessly, be investing in a new Website when their existing site was perfectly fine.

How long do people stay on a website?

How long do visitors stay on a websiteAre you worried about how long people are staying on your website? In fact, do you know how long they are staying, at all? If so, then this article will give you an idea of the average amount of time most people spend on a website and what factors you need to be aware of. The results are based on website statistics, compiled from over 300 small business websites.