How many web pages do you need?

How many web pages do you needVirtually, without exception, the majority of Website Owners we speak with, significantly, underestimate the amount of Web Pages required for their new Websites. This is mainly due to a lack of understanding of how people will interact with their Websites and what building a Website entails. Needless to say, a lack of information/pages can have a detrimental effect on the success of any Website. How many times have you visited a Website and been frustrated by the lack of useful information?


To determine the number of pages for your Website, you need to consider;


  • What type of people will be visiting your Website?
  • What type of questions/issues will visitors have and expect to be answered?
  • If visitors find you on the Internet, then most likely, they will also be looking at competitor Websites. In which case, how do you compare to your competitor Websites?
  • Should you create a Web Page for each Product/Service?
  • How much would visitors want to know about your company?
  • Should you include additional pages more useful to existing clients?
  • Can your Website be used as a day-to-day business tool?
  • Have your Website visitors enough information to take the enquiry forward?
  • Will the lack of Web Pages have a detrimental effect on the success of your Website?
  • Why would Search Engines want to index your Website?
  • How can you use your Website to get important sales messages over?


If you are keen to maximise the benefit of of your Website, then you will need to consider all of the above points in detail. There is nothing worse than working hard to attract people to your Website only to have them leave your Website after being frustrated with the lack of meaningful information.


Not only should you include a separate page for all your product / services as a minimum, you should also investigate if certain services need expanding further with their own section on your Website.


For example, in a fictitious cleaning company, one of their services relates to cleaning the outsides of commercial property. A Facility Manager comes across their Website and wants to know everything about this particular service, such as: Staffing and Health & Safety Polices; how the project would be managed; how disruption would be handled; what approaches could be used; more detailed information on the company; and could tests be carried out pre-contract.


Obviously, trying to include all this information on a single page would not be advisable. Doing so, most likely, would put the Facility Manager off reading it in the first place. Spreading the content over more pages would look more professional and make it easier to digest the information and allow the Facility Manager to decide how much information they require at the moment.


As a guide, and if you have at least five services / products, the following number of pages should be a minimum, based on what we described, above. These pages are really for the benefit of visitors who know nothing about you. It is unlikely, existing clients would have any interest in the Website, since, it does not tell them anything they did not already know. The question is; what additional pages / sections to your Website would be useful to existing clients?


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