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Update your website with Simple CMSWelcome to our new Simple CMS software £345

During the course of a working week, we speak with many website owners, although happy with the design of their Website,  tell us they are a little frustrated at the lack of control they have over their own Website. Many would like to have a Website CMS tool with the ability of updating their own Website but are often put off by the cost of having to ask their Web Designer to do it for them.


Experience tells us, this can have a significant and detrimental effect on the success of a Website, since, it becomes too labourious and costly to make website updates. Due to changes in the business, the website content soon becomes a little outdated and does not really reflect what the business is doing now. Ultimately, the website owner loses interest in their website and it is left to slowly run down before being completely replaced with a new Website. Being able to continually fine-tune a website, on the fly, is what is required.


Just imagine

You are at home and an idea pops into your head. You react, immediately, by going to our  Simple CMS system to make the changes. Within minutes, you are able to see how it looks on your Website. Perhaps it is near the month end and you have updated your Website with a special offer, to help close some new business. You follow up the update by emailing potential new customers with a link to your Special Offer page. Your initiative generates two new leads the very same day. Now, just imagine the process you would have to go through if you were not able to make your own website updates? Most likely, your iniative would never have transpired!


What is included with Simple CMS?

Our Simple, Website CMS tool is designed to work with static websites i.e. web pages that are not generated by a database driven Content Management System (CMS).  The cost of purchasing Simple CMS (£345) includes full installation of the software on your Hosting Server and  configuring your existing web pages (up to 12) to integrate with Simple CMS. It also includes free, unlimited telephone training on how to use Simple CMS. With a learning curve of approximately 30 minutes, it is as easy as riding a bike. Simple CMS will require some industry standard Server facilities, such as a MySQL database and the latest version of PHP. If your Hosting Supplier does not offer these facilities, then, perhaps, our Business Pro Hosting Plan may be of interest at £48/year. If in doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us.


For more information, please go to our Simple CMS page

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