Two new Business Directories

Hertfordshire Business Directory and The Accountant DirectoryOver the past few months, we have been creating two new Business Directories; The Hertfordshire Business Directory and The Accountant Directory. We are delighted to announce, these two Directories are now live. These Business Directories are designed to give businesses every chance of gaining top listings in Search Engines and at the same time, attract more visitors to our Website, something that you may wish to consider for your own Website.


Why create two Business Directories?

There are a number of reasons for this;


  1. We genuinely enjoy helping website owners, trying to achieve the most from their websites. Search Engines place a lot of importance on external links to Websites. The more links, the better it will be for their Website. Unlike many other Directories, our system allows businesses to define two very important Search Engine Meta Tags, making it more likely their listings will appear on the first page of Search Engines. They can also add an unlimited amount of text in their business description and can even upload pictures. Their business listing is not limited to a small section of the web page and is given a whole page, instead. And best of all; it is FREE and without obligation.
  2. It is a terrific way of attracting more people to our Website, especially, from  businesses in Hertfordshire and from Accountant Practices, which is one of our key markets. Every business enjoys a little bit of free marketing and once on our Website, visitors, typically, take a few minutes to also browse other areas of our Website and, hopefully, bookmark us as someone that may be of interest at some stage.


Why not try it yourself?

If you are looking for ways to attract more visitors to your Website or an excuse to contact potential new clients, then why not install a Business Directory on your own Website. For a one-off cost of £345, you can own the same system as we use on our own Website. Full installation and training is also included. For full details, please visit the Business Directory Add-on system on our Website.

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