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To help customers get the most out of their discussions with us regarding their Website requirements, we have listed some typical questions that we tend to cover during the discussions.

The more information we are able to gather at this stage, the easier it will be for us to confirm the best approach and likely costs for your new Website.


This might seem a silly question, but it gives us an initial impression to how much thought has already been put into the review process. " I guess it's about time we had one", isn't really a good reason for having a Website and often leads to a poor investment. Our article, Advantages of owning a Website, is a good place to start if you are new to Websites.

If you already have a Website, then making sure the new site addresses all the issues the old one had, is a good starting point. This can help us understand and explain, perhaps, why your old Website may have under performed.

If there are no objectives for the Website, then it will be very difficult to determine if the site is a success? Will it be used to:


  • Generate additional New Business leads.
  • To act as your Company Brochure.
  • For making information on the business available 24/7.
  • Simply to offer some sort of web presence.
  • To be used by the sales force to enhance their sales approach.
  • To keep existing clients updated on new services and products.
  • To reduce staff overheads for dealing with repetitive questions.
  • Help streamline the business.
  • Help make the business more customer focused.
  • Help create new business partnerships.
  • And so on. The list is endless.

An initial overview of your business and industry, highlighting your history, key people, services/products, unique selling points, competitors, industry trends etc, will give us a good idea how your Website could be structured.

This is a question that tends to puzzle a lot of our visitors. Many believe, a Website is no more than an advertisement or company brochure and, therefore, haven't considered or are aware of what Additional Functionality is available.


  • Do you want the ability to Update Your Own Website, if so, what type of updates do you envisage.
  • Would it be useful for your Website to incorporate a Helpdesk system, ensuring enquiries can be tracked and dealt with efficiently.
  • Would you want visitors to be able to subscribe to Automated Newsletters, describing new products or services.
  • Do you want to add a Frequently Asked Question section to help your visitors quickly find answers to their questions?


Basically, developed as a proactive business tool, Websites have the ability to help streamline existing working practices and are fast becoming, the preferred method for front-line customer service.

Website Copywriting, is the most important aspect of any Website and is an area that is often, totally, overlooked by the majority of Website Owners. Written properly, it can be responsible for high Search Engine placements and the catalyst for visitors to take their enquiry further.

Preparing written content, will have a direct impact on how soon your Website can go live on the Internet. You can never start too soon!

Again, this might seem an odd question to ask. However, if you have not considered what type of visitors will be visiting your Website, then how are you going to structure your written content and prepare sales arguments.


For example, someone visiting an Accountant Website, may be tired of their existing Accountant and looking to change. Another, may be a start-up business and looking for an Accountant offering advice and support. These are two types of visitor with different issues that need to be addressed in the Website. Other visitors could be;


  • Existing clients
  • People looking for jobs
  • Other businesses looking to create business partnerships
  • Casual visitors
  • Competitors
  • Referrals
  • The media.

You can have the best Website in the World, but if has little exposure, or is seldom used, then there is not much point having one in the first place. The fact you are on the WWW, does not guarantee your Website will be listed in Search Engines and Directories. It has to be marketed as any other new product or service has to be.

It may look a simple process, but designing the look and feel of any Website depends on many factors. Apart from the points mentioned, above, the following are a list of some design considerations that will, ultimately, have a big impact on your new Website.


  • General look and feel.
  • Example of other Websites you like.
  • Be careful not to base your own Website on poorly designed Websites that may be a little outdated.
  • Fixed width Design (Similar to our Website Templates) or stretch to fit Browser Window.
  • Top and second level navigation structures.
  • Font types
  • Size and colour of font types for basic text, paragraph headings and other page headings.
  • Bullet point Images or effects.
  • Overall colour schemes and use of "white space".
  • Page layouts (most good Websites include at least five different page layouts in their design).
  • Amount of text to include.
  • Animation effects or transitions.
  • Design graphics/colours for defining different areas of the web page.
  • What picture sizes are going to be used throughout the Website and how are they formatted and displayed.
  • How are text links to be displayed.
  • How are Navigation Buttons to be displayed.
  • Techniques/graphics to be used for hyperlinks to other areas of the Website.
  • How are web pages to be developed to minimise keystrokes.
  • What are the ratios between picture and text coverage on each page.
  • How will visitors be encouraged to visit other areas of the Website.

One of our main objectives for trying to cover as many of the above points as we can, is to help you get it right first time. Even if much of what we discuss is for "another day", at least you will be better informed. It allows you to plan ahead and it will help give you a greater appreciation of what your new Website is capable of achieving and at what cost.

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