Domain Name Frequently Asked Questions
  • If you are a business, people may think it odd you haven't a Web Address rather than the other way about. Why run the risk of people thinking you are odd?
  • Having your own Web / Email Address looks much more professional on headed stationery and in Emails, than having generic ones, such as,, etc?.
  • With our free one page Website, people will be able to find out more about your business, 24/7.
  • A lot of business is now done via the Internet. Why miss out?
  • Why miss out on free advertising in Search engines by not having a Web address?
  • People are more likely to remember a Domain Name rather than a telephone number when trying to contact you.
  • At £4.25/year, it is probably one of the best returns on investment you will ever make (apart from a winning lottery, of course).

There are five options open to you;

  • You can register it and create a free, one page Web Page.
  • Register it and create a free, Domain for sale Web Page.
  • You can add web and email forwarding to it. Remember this is free for the duration of your registration. You do not need a Website if all you require is the ability to use your new Domain Name for Email. 
  • You can register it and host it with us. Remember, if you decide to use our Web Design services, registration and Web Hosting is included in the initial fee.
  • You can register it and point it at your own Domain Name Servers. This allows you to use hosting facilities provided by other providers.
  • If at a later date you decide to move your Domain Name to another supplier, this can be achieved at no extra cost from us.

Typically, we recommend waiting 48 hours for your new Domain Name to propagate the Internet. However, in most cases, Domain Names are ready to use within 24 hours. However, once registered, you will have immediate access to your own Domain Name Control Panel. This allows you to set up, in advance, Email Forwarding and your free one page Website.

Via your own Domain Name Control panel, you will be able to set up Email Forwarding. This allows you, for example, to create and email address, such as, and have it automatically redirected to your existing email address, such as,


Therefore, when someone sends an email addressed to, our Servers will automatically redirect it to your email address.

Domains, such as,, and, are registered for a minimum 2 year period. Most of the other extensions are registered for a minimum of 1 year, with some offering facilities to register for up to 10 years at a time.


In all cases, when your Domain Name is up for renewal, a series of automatic Emails will be sent to the Email Address used during registration, giving details of how to renew your Domain Name.

You may use any letter from a to z. You may use any number from 0 to 9. You may use the hyphen character -. The hyphen may not be the first or last character in the name. You cannot use two or more adjacent hyphens. No single character or two letter names are allowed. No full stops in your chosen domain name are allowed.

When your Domain Name is up for renewal, a series of automatic Emails will be sent to the Email Address used during registration, giving details of how to renew your Domain Name.

There is no cost from us for moving your Domain Name to another supplier. You can easily transfer your Domain by accessing your own Domain Name Control Panel 

Yes, it very straight forward and quite common to move a Domain Name from one supplier to another.


For Domains, such as,, you simply make an IPS Tag Transfer request to your existing supplier. This request tells your supplier to change the TAG to our TAG, EXTEND. However, as we do, most suppliers give their clients the option to make the transfer themselves, via a Control Panel, similar to our own.


If you are thinking of moving to us, then you may find it easier to contact us on 01707 _695651, and we can take you through the process step-by-step.

No, is the simple answer. It takes less than 10 minutes and can be done without any technical knowledge, whatsoever. Please see the Domain Name Registration Video on our Domain Name Homepage for more information.

As soon as you have registered and purchased your new Domain Name, you will receive an automatic Email with details on how to access our Domain Name Control Panel. From there, amongst other things, you will see the option "Home Page Creator".


Once you click this link, you will be presented with seven different Web Designs on which to base your Homepage on. Once you have selected a design, you will see boxes where you can enter your business name, address, contact details and a description of your business. Once you have completed these boxes, simply, click the activation button at the bottom of the page to publish your Website Homepage to the Internet. Please allow 48 hours for it to come online. Please see the Create your free one page Website Video on our Domain Name Homepage for more information.

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Please note: all prices are subject to VAT | Unsure how to register? Check out our Video Tutorial.



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