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Getting Started

Although we have tried to include as much information as possible about our Ecommerce Shopping Websites, we will be surprised if all of your questions have been answered. Therefore, please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements in greater detail. Typically, we discuss;


  • If our purpose built Ecommerce Shopping Websites is the most cost effective solution for you.
  • How the Templates can be modified to meet your requirements.
  • What will be the likely costs.
  • What information we will need from you.
  • Discuss your existing Website if you have one.


Once you decide to proceed with us:

It is very rarely we have to have face-to-face meetings with a client. The Web Design process is, surprisingly, simple and our approach over the years has been developed and fine tuned to fit in with the time constraints of our client's. This also applies to the pre-sales process and we are able to gain a good understanding of your business and website requirements via scheduled telephone meetings. This means, if required, we can have more meetings for, considerably, less time.

To commence the project, we will require a 50% deposit of the total amount, payable by Cheque or Electronic Banking. The balance is due one week after the Website is completed and uploaded to the Internet for final inspection (step 8). Payment details and a break down of our development processes are sent to you via Email as soon as you have either, verbally confirmed or Emailed confirmation that you wish to proceed. Once confirmed, a dedicated Account Manager will be assigned to you for the duration of your time with us.

In many instances and after the project has officially commenced, clients are still undecided on which Ecommerce Template to use for their design. Typically, they have a short list of three or four Templates which they really like. In most instances, a telephone meeting is scheduled and the merits of each of the Templates are discussed. It is at this stage, a clear favourite comes to the fore and the client is then requested to confirm this via Email. Once confirmed, our Process Document is prepared and Emailed to the client for completion.

Once you have decided which Ecommerce Template to use for your new Website, we will prepare a Process Document based on the Chosen Template and what we have discussed about your Website requirements. The Process Document is in Word format and the document enables us to gather and centralise all information regarding your Website content. This approach allows you to hold on to the document as long as you wish and work on it when you have time to do so. It also helps eliminate the confusion that can be caused by intermittent snippets of information being sent to us i.e. it can be quite difficult to confirm which is the most recent information.

If this is your first Website, then your new Domain Name will be registered (you will be the legal owner) and our default, Under Construction page will be uploaded to the Internet. This will tell visitors that your new Website is due to be launched and will include Email and telephone contact information for them to contact you in the meantime. At this stage, we will also create a new Email  POP account for you and will help you create this on your own PC. This allows you to retrieve Emails from our Server, directly to your PC.


If you already have a Website, then, typically, we would recommend leaving this in place until your new Website is completed. This also applies to your Email requirements. Alternatively, If you wish to keep your Web and Email Hosting with your current supplier, then we are quite happy to do this.

During the time it takes to complete the Process Document, you will be able to contact your Account Manager on as many occasions as you wish to discuss any aspect of your Website. Many clients like to bounce ideas around with their Account Manager or, perhaps, are having some difficulty visualising how to categorise their products and need some inspiration and help. Either way, we are equally as keen to help ensure your Website becomes a successful one, so please feel free to contact us at any time. Afterall, your success is our success.

Once the Process Document has been returned to your Account Manager, together with any images to use in your Website, coding of your new Website will commence. Typically, your Account Manager will contact you before coding commences to seek clarification on certain areas of the information you have sent in. Depending on the complexity of the design, we may contact you during the coding phase to discuss various ideas we may have had about the best coding techniques to use for displaying certain information. If required, we will also upload various pages to our Servers, to make sure you are happy with the page layout.

Typically, your Website will be complete within two to three weeks of receiving the completed Process Document (step 7). It will be uploaded to the Server, from where you will be able to review your Website and confirm if any "final tweaks" need to be made. Once you are totally happy, your Website will be made Live and uploaded to the Internet.


If you already have a Website and assuming you will be moving your Domain Name to our Servers, your Account Manager will take you through the process of moving your Domain Name over to our Servers. Once the transfer has been completed (usually within hours), your new Website will be live on the Internet.

Once your Website is live on the Internet, final testing will commence. This is a relatively quick process and includes; testing any Online Forms and Email links to make sure they reach their destination. We will also ask you to check all Email accounts to confirm they are working properly.

To officially close the project, a confirmation Email will be sent to you, confirming your Website is now complete. In this Email, we also take the opportunity to confirm some important login information. This includes;


  • Login information to our Customer Centre - when automatic Email renewal notifications are sent to you regarding your Hosting and Domain Name(s), you will be directed to our Customer Centre where you can make payment and print an Invoice.
  • Login information to your own Webmail facility - if you need to access your Email whilst away from your computer, then you can access your Email and send new Emails, if you wish, via your own Webmail facility, accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection.
  • The URL on your Website, where you will be able to view comprehensive Website statistics about your Website i.e. how many people have visited your Website on a particular day, what are people searching on in Google to find your Website etc.

We take a lot of pride in the websites we develop and are always delighted when customers tell us of the positive responses they have had towards their new Website. If this is your first Website, then you will need a lot of support in the coming months on how best to market your Website and what makes a successful Website tick. Most likely, you will also receive a lot of conflicting advice from third parties and it can be quite difficult to decide the good from the bad.


It is in this area, we encourage our clients to use us as their first port-of-call. Our advice will always be free and impartial (to the best of our ability), and having your very own Web Design expert at the other end of the telephone, is something our clients are delighted to have and is something we take great pride in.

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