Update your own Website with Simple CMS

Update your own Website and reduce your website costs £345

Are you fed up that your Web Designer seems to charge for every edit made to your Website, even for the simplest of content updates? Are they responsive to important updates or do they keep you waiting for weeks or fail to meet their own deadlines? Or do you just want more freedom to control and update your own Website?


If so, at a one-off cost of £345, Simple CMS is one of the most cost effective solutions on the market and, incredibily, easy to use. It can be used on any Website that does not use a CMS (Content Management System) to generate your web pages. Being a "Cloud" application, there is no need to download any software to your PC. Instead, you will have 24/7 access to your own Administration Panel on the Internet, where you can easily make updates to your existing web pages. You can even create User accounts for staff members and limit them to specific areas of your web pages or Website. Updating a PDF download page, perhaps. Why not check out the video, below, to see it in action.


What our service includes

The cost includes installing Simple CMS on your Web Server and configuring your existing web pages (up to 12 on initial installation, £25/page thereafter) to integrate with Simple CMS. It also includes free, unlimited telephone training on how to use Simple CMS. With a learning curve of approximately 30 minutes, it is as easy as riding a bike. Simple CMS will require some industry standard Server facilities, such as a MySQL database and the latest version of PHP. If your Hosting Supplier does not offer these facilities, then, perhaps, our Business Pro Hosting Plan may be of interest at £48/year. If in doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Main features of Simple CMS
  • No need to download any software
  • 24/7 access to your own Admin Panel
  • Update from anywhere via the Internet
  • Full installation included at no extra cost
  • Initially configured for up to 12 pages
  • Free, unlimited telephone training
  • Create unlimited amount of User Accounts
  • Centralise your menus in one place
  • Eaily share content between pages
  • Fast back-up facilities
  • LImit Users to pages or sections of pages
  • Automatic backup of content updates
  • Duplicate content for faster maintenance
  • WYSIWYG Editor for easy editing
  • Insert raw HTML code i.e. YouTube videos
  • Upload pictures, videos and add to pages
Simple CMS Demonstration


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