Frequently Asked Questions Premium Template Based Website Design

Yes, the Template will be customised to your requirements. Typically, this includes;


  • Changing the navigation options on the main Buttons.
  • Changing any of the pictures, if required.
  • Removing various content blocks and replacing them with more suitable content.
  • Making better use of space by including animated sliding content blocks.
  • Changing certain colours, where appropriate.
  • Changing all written content.
  • Creating a new layout (based on Template) for the detail pages.
  • Changing certain Font sizes and colours.
  • Removing music or sound effects in Flash based Headers.
  • Replacing or removing default slogans.


Basically, the Website Templates are not set in stone and, virtually, all aspects of it can be changed at no extra cost to you. In fact, if you look at any Template, irrespective, of what category it is in, simply by changing the pictures and navigation options, can give a design suitable for any industry.

We pride ourselves on making our pricing as transparent as possible and there are no hidden costs. If we believe you think a certain facility is available as standard and it isn't, we will always raise this with you to clarify what is included as standard and what is not, even if it means, potentially, loosing your Order. Assuming you do not wish to purchase any additional Add-on Web Applications or require significant changes to your Website, then the only recurring cost you will have from us is for Web and Email Hosting (assuming you will be hosting your Website on our Servers). Currently, Web and Email Hosting is £49 plus VAT per annum from year two onwards.

Yes, to all intents and purposes, you will. If this is your first Website, then we will have to register a new Domain Name for you, in which case, the Domain is registered under your name, giving you legal title to it. When you select one of our Templates, you purchase a lifetime licence to use the Template for your own Website. Therefore, if at any stage you are unhappy with our services for whatever reason, then you can, simply, take your Domain Name and Website to another supplier without any additional charges from us.


Please note, although you have purchased a lifetime licence for the Template, you are not allowed to resell the Template as your own.

As above, if you are unhappy with our services at any stage in the future, then you can move your Domain Name and Website to another supplier at no extra cost from us. We even give you access to your Domain Name DNS settings, making it very easy for you to change, if you wish.

No, you are not tied to us for any limited contract period. Although, from year two onwards, Hosting is payable in advance, you can leave at any time during that period without any penalties from us.

Since our Web Design process is, surprisingly simple, it is rare that any on-site meetings are required. This helps us keep our costs down and is one of the key reasons why we are, typically, many thousands of pounds cheaper than many of our competitors for a comparable quality Website. However, if it makes you uncomfortable purchasing a Website from someone you haven't, actually, met, then we are prepared to meet with with you at our location. Alternatively, we are also quite happy to arrange a Webcam meeting, if that is more convenient for you. We also supply references, if required.

No, it doesn't matter in the least. When we discuss your Website with you, we do not discuss it in technical terms. Instead, we try and focus on your business requirements. What you want your Website to deliver. Having a discussion about your past business activities and how you plan to take the business forward, tends to give us an ideal insight to your business. For example, what is your key service and does it require more pages to get the message over. We are aware that a lot of Website terminology is alien to the majority of people. Therefore, If there is anything you are not clear about, then please do not hesitate to ask us to explain it, as many times as is required.

We offer free help and advice throughout the whole process and beyond. In fact, you will be actively encouraged to tap into our expertise as many times as is required. Typically, this includes;


  • Discussing the best structure for the Website.
  • Discussing what your USP's are and how to incorporate them.
  • Discussing the number of pages required and what services require more pages.
  • Discuss the type of people who will visit your Website.
  • Explaining what Search Engine Optimisation is and how to include it in your Website.
  • Helping to write compelling written content (very important).
  • Setting up Email accounts on your PC
  • How best to market your Website.
  • And much, much more.

The most obvious reason is; you will own a Website that would cost many thousands of pounds more if developed from new. Even our own Customised Web Design service starts at £1,995 plus VAT, making our Premium Template based service twice as cheap (and we are one of the cheapest in the UK for high end Websites).


You remove, virtually, all the risk associated with designing a new Website, since, the Template already gives a good idea of what your Website will look like when finished.


In the past, Website Templates were very basic and the only way to own an impressive looking Website, was to have one Custom Built. However, as with many things, times have moved on and the quality of modern day Website Templates are designed to such a high quality and by some of the Internet's leading Graphic Designers, they tend to leave the vast majority of Custom Built Websites well and truly in the shade. So if you come across another Small Business Website Designer, claiming custom built Websites are superior to the Customised Website Template approach, it is probably best to ask them what decade they are referring to. You know how it is with some people?


Contrary to what many other Web Designers claim (usually the ones that prefer to "reinvent the wheel" to justify their exorbitant prices), to all intents and purposes, your finished Website will offer you a unique design. The chances of one of your Website visitors coming across another Website with the same design, especially within your own local and industry, is extremely remote, indeed.


And lastly, we offer both Custom Web Design and Template based Web Design services. This , we believe, puts us in the enviable position as one of the very few Web Designers, qualified to discuss the merits of both solutions, impartially.

This is something we hear a lot from clients who have moved to us from another supplier.


Typically, most of our clients are able to get through to their Account Manager on the telephone at the first attempt. This is one of the benefits of not having to spend much of our time at onsite meetings. If they are out, simply leave a message and they will get back to you as soon as they are back in the office. In which case, they will try and get back to you within two hours of your call.


If you are having a problem with your Email or Website, we rate these types of issues as high priority and an immediate fix to the problem is sought. Typically, these are resolved within two hours of receiving the call.

No, we don't. All simple updates to your Website are included as part of our standard service and there is no charge. However, to ensure this facility is not abused, it is at our discretion.

As above, all simple updates to your Website are included as part of our standard service and there is no charge. However, to ensure this facility is not abused, it is at our discretion.


If you want to update the content on your Website and, perhaps, add additional pages, then you will have to purchase one of our Content Management Solutions, Adobe Contribute or Simple CMS. We tend to recommend this option to those clients who want to add many more pages to their Website, since, it may work out much cheaper than paying us £75 plus VAT for each new page.


If your content is written properly in the first instance, then it is unusual for clients to have to make extensive updates to the content. In which case, the occasional tweak is only required, which is free, off course.

Yes, if you are proficient in HTML and Flash technologies, then you are able to purchase as many of our Website Templates as you wish.


You will notice, there may be three different prices on the Templates (in detail view), Regular, Buyout and Unique Prices. The Regular price is by far the cheapest option and gives you a lifetime licence to use the Template on one Website. The Buyout price allows you to use the Template on other Website projects and is immediately removed from our database. The Unique price is similar to the Buyout option, except, you will be first and last person to have bought the Template.


In all options, you are not allowed to resell any Templates as your own.


It is interesting to note; most of the Buyout and Unique prices are approximately £2,000, just for the Template i.e. without a proper Website structured around it. This, we feel, gives another indication of how competitively priced our Premium Web Design service is, at a modest £995 plus VAT for a complete Website.


For more information, please click the following link to go to our Buy Template Only page.

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