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Website Tips
Update your own Website with Simple CMSSimple
Price: £345. Save on website development costs with Simple CMS. Easily integrates with existing Websites.
Add News stories to your HomepageSimple
Price: £195. Keep your Website Homepage fresh with breaking news stories. Create an unlimited amount articles.
Frequently Asked Question system for WebsitesWebsite
Price: £345. Reduce the time and money it takes to answer repetitive questions with our interactive FAQ system..
HTML Newsletter system for WebsitesHTML
Price: £345. MailChimp set-up service and integrateion with your existing Website. A must have marketing initiative.
Members Login system for WebsitesMember
Price: £345. Turn some of your website pages into member only content or create a Members download page.
On-line Appointment Booking System for WebsitesOn-line
Price: £395. Allow Website visitors to book and pay for appointments, directly from your Website.
Call Back Button for WebsitesCall Back
Price: £150. Improve your call-to-actions by making it easier for website visitors to make contact with you.
Business Directory for WebsitesBusiness
Price: £345. Encourage visitors to your Website by offering a directory of local businesses, perhaps?
Photo Galleries for WebsitesPhoto
Price: £345. Looking to categorise, display pictures on your Website and create private Photo galleries?
File Sharing for WebsitesFile
Price: £245. Impress existing and potential new clients by Implementing a file sharing facility on your website.
HTML Form System for WebsitesHTML
Price: £345. Easily create an unlimited amount of Website Forms for your Website and reduce your paperwork.
Online Surveys for WebsitesOnline
Price: £345. Impress your customers by creating your own web surveys,  such as Customer Satisfaction Surveys.
  • About The Holt Partnership

Very few Website owners use their Website to help run their business on a day-to-day basis. Many believe it is there, purely, to try and catch potential new customers via the Internet. It is why most Websites are no more than glorified brochures and offer little or no interest to existing clients or to the business, itself. Below are some examples of how you can make your Website of more interest to existing customers and how you can help turn your Website into a proactive business tool.


When potential new customers visit your Website, they are looking to have their questions answered. Imagine how impressed they would be if you had already identified their questions and had used your interactive Frequently Asked Questions system to answer them? Imagine how the system could handle those time consuming, repetitive questions from existing customers? Imagine how impressed they would be with your Online Helpdesk system that tracks all incoming enquiries and sends them an automatic email of their Support Ticket?


Imagine being able to easily add breaking News Articles to your Website, where customers could be encouraged to visit more often to keep up-to-date with what is happening at your business? And finally, wouldn't customers be impressed with your new Online Customer Satisfaction Survey regarding a new service you recently launched? If you would like more information on what a Website should try to be, then please visit the Website Article section of our Website to find more about the real benefits of owning a Website.

Helpdesk system for WebsitesWebsite
Price: £345. Automate the process of dealing with incoming enquiries by processing them via your Website.
Event Calendar for WebsitesEvent
Price: £345. Create a database of upcoming events and allow visitors to subscribe to automatic email reminders.
Event Calendar for WebsitesAdobe
Price: £200. Edit your own Website and create new pages with our preferred CMS, Adobe Contribute.
Booking System for small Hotels and Bed & BreakfastsHotel
Price: £495. Allow your Website visitors to check room availability 24/7, at a time that suits them and increase visitor conversions.
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