Web Starter Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can cancel WebStarter at any time with no penalties. Simply, reply to the automatic Email that is sent when the service is up for renewal and confirm you no longer want to use the service.


When your service is cancelled, your Website pages will be deleted from the system. Your Email Mail Boxes will also be deleted. However, in it's place, you will still be able to create a single page Website and Email Forwarders.


There is a choice of four very basic designs. New login details will be Emailed to you in the event of your service being cancelled.

To use WebStarter, your Domain Name either needs to be on our Servers, or Website related DNS edits made, to redirect to our Servers. There is no charge for transferring dot co.uk Domain Names.


To transfer a dot com Domain Name, there is an additional charge of £13. However, this does include an extra year being added to your renewal date.


During the registration process, you can enter your existing Domain Name to be used with our WebStarter service, by using the box provided. The system will assume that you are the Domain owner and will allow it to create a Reference ID on our Servers.


Even though you have registered for our WebStarter service and have told our system you will be transferring your Domain to our Servers, your Domain Name (and Website, if any) will remain with your existing supplier until you are ready to manually transfer it over.


This approach, if you wish, allows you to create your new Website in WebStarter before the manual change over.


Once you are ready to transfer your Domain Name over to our Servers, either, immediately, or after we create your new Website in WebStarter, your dedicated Account Manager will contact you and explain and give instructions on how this can be done. The process is very simple and, typically, your Domain Name can be transferred in a matter of minutes.

Once you have physically finished the registration process, the following events will happen;


  • Confirmation Email sent with login details to our Customer Centre for future use.
  • Second confirmation Email sent with login details to THPAdmin (you can ignore this Email).
  • Third confirmation Email sent from our Payment Processor of your order.
  • Typically, within 24 hours, we will contact you to arrange telephone training.

Our costs are, arguably, the cheapest in the UK for this type of service and the comprehensive support we offer. And you will be delighted to learn; there are no hidden costs, either now or in the future for using this service.


Other than the initial £300 registration fee and £78 annual renewal fee from year two onwards, the only other cost, as mentioned above, is the cost to purchase a Domain Name and subsequent renewal. For example, our Dot co.uk Domains are £7.50 for one years registration. At the end of this period, automatic Email renewal reminders will be sent to you.

Very little, you will be pleased to learn. Typically, registering for WebStarter, takes less than ten minutes. Once registered, you do not have to do anything until we contact you, typically, within 24 hours.


At which stage, we will have a 30 minute chat on the telephone regarding your business, after which, we will send you ready-made content (based on our discussion) for you to edit and return to us.


A ten minute telephone meeting will also be arranged to allow us to explain how to create an Email account on your PC.


Once we have completed your Website, you will be contacted and asked to confirm you are happy with the result. At which stage and assuming you are happy, we will upload your website to the Internet and make it live.


All-in-all, we will be surprised if you have to spend any more than two hours on the project, for the time it takes to register for WebStarter, to the time it takes to make your new Website live on the Internet.

Simple edits to your Website are free-of-charge. If you want to change a line here or there, or, perhaps, replace a paragraph of written text, then there is no charge.

When you register for our WebStarter service, we will, essentially, become your own personal Website Guru and you can ask us about anything to do with your Website. Better still, our advice will always be free and we also make great efforts to ensure our advice is as impartial as it is possible to be.


Once you become a Website Owner, you tend to hear all sorts of things you should be doing with your Website and it can get quite difficult to decide what is good or bad advice. Being able to, simply, pick up the telephone or fire off a quick Email to get immediate answers, is something that we hope you become to enjoy as part of our standard WebStarter service.


Remember, we are responsible for the smooth running of your Website and Email. If you notice any issues, then simply call or Email us and we will try and resolve any issues within two working hours.

Changing your Web Design supplier is a common occurrence and the process for changing is quite simple.


The first step, is to get the ball rolling by registering for our WebStarter service. As described, above, this then gives us the opportunity to develop your Website before transferring your Domain Name over to our Servers. When registering, only a reference of your Domain name is created on our Servers. Your existing Website and Email will remain with your existing supplier until we send a formal transfer request to them.


Once you are happy with your new Website, your Account Manager will advise you on how to make a Domain transfer request to your existing supplier.

Yes, your registration allows you to have up to five POP or IMAP accounts. A POP or IMAP account allows you to send Emails from your computer, via your local Email client, such as Outlook Express or Microsoft Mail.


You will also have Internet access to your own personalised Webmail account. This is very useful when you are away from your computer and need to access your email or send new email. Your Webmail is accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection.


You will also be entitled to 20 Email Forwarders, such as, info@, admin@ etc. Out of office automatic Email Responders are also available to you.


Your Account Manager will explain all of the above in much more detail and will help you setup your Email requirements.

Yes, our WebStarter service includes comprehensive Website statistics. These include;


  • Number of visitors to your Website by month, week, day and time of day.
  • The average number of visitor pages viewed.
  • Number of unique visitors by month.
  • Full list of ISP's used to access your site.
  • Last Robots/Spiders visit date/time stamped.
  • List of your most visited web pages.
  • List of sites where visitors came from.
  • Ability to drill down into each month.
  • View number of visitors by day and hour.
  • Data shown in graph & numerical format.
  • Shown number of visits by country.
  • List of Robots/Spiders visiting your site.
  • Average duration time of visits to site.
  • Analysis of Browsers accessing your site.
  • Search phrases used to find your site

Yes, you can take your website to another supplier at no additional cost. However, the website is only licenced for one website i.e. you can't duplicate the website and use on a different Domain name.



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